United Cigarette Machine Company operated at 2501 Greene Street from 1907-1956. 照片由林奇堡博物馆提供.


到目前为止,美国环保署和州布朗菲尔德拨款: 通过评估遗弃, underutilized and deteriorating industrial and commercial sites, the City hopes to spur economic development and revitalization throughout the community. The 经济发展局 applied for an EPA grant to provide the financial resources needed to continue the City’s transformation from a heavy manufacturing and industrial economy to a more diverse and dynamic economic climate. This project presents an opportunity to increase both residential and commercial property values.

  • 2015年9月授予40万美元赠款
  • 2018年9月授予30万美元赠款
  • 5万美元赠款授予2020年8月
  • 州政府拨款183,389美元(共4笔)

经济发展部主任Marjette Upshur
电子邮件: marjette.upshur@lynchburgva.政府 



  • 前白星蒸汽洗衣店 & 中部州电力供应教堂 & 12号大街上
  • McConville路的前Waytec电子站点
  • 卡罗尔大道前古尔德电池基地
  • 前联合卷烟机有限公司.格林街
  • 前散装燃料储存设施,朗霍恩路
  • Former Piedmont Express/Trucking Facility, Murray Place
  • 林奇堡成长,恩格尔伍德街
  • 第五街前汽车销售/服务中心
  • 前林奇堡铸造仓库遗址,加内特街




How can I get my property enrolled in the Program for an assessment?
联系 the 林奇堡市 Office of Economic Development to see if your property is a good candidate for this Program or other 重建 incentives available in the City.

What are brownfields located and what do they look like?
棕色地带 are usually concentrated in urban areas, but they can really be anywhere. They are typically abandoned or underutilized commercial or industrial sites, 比如生产设施, 仓库, 加油站, 机器商店, 以及干洗设施, but they can even include residential properties where, 在某一时刻, 可能使用了有害物质.

也许. Ask yourself this: is my land or property vacant or less productive than it ought to be? 是否担心环境污染? If you answered yes to both questions, you may own a brownfield.

Private and public organizations play a role in assessing, 清理和重建棕地. Key players include state and 联邦 environmental agencies, 经济发展和规划机构, 市民及社区团体, 商业银行, 技术顾问, 法律顾问, 地方政府机构, 开发人员, 投资者, 房地产专业人士.

是的. 除了直接的财政援助, 联邦, state and local tax incentives are available to property owners and 开发人员 to help reduce the costs of brownfield projects. Federal tax incentives include the Taxpayers Relief Act, which allows eligible taxpayers to deduct qualified cleanup expenses of brownfields in the year expenses are incurred, and rehabilitation income tax credits for 10% of the expenses of rehabilitating structures built before 1936.

影响清理成本的因素很多. 例如, if groundwater under the site is contaminated in addition to soil, 清理的成本可能要高得多. If the contaminated materials need to be transported off site for treatment, 这也会增加成本. The cost will also depend on standards that apply to the future use of the property. If a brownfield property is remediated to commercial use standards rather than residential standards, 清理成本通常会更低. The cost to the property owner of the cleanup will also be affected by whether there are other parties, 比如以前的业主, who may be potentially responsible for contamination and must share in cleanup costs.

清理将根据级别而有所不同, 类型, 量, 以及污染程度, 以及适用于现场的清理标准. A site with extensive soil or groundwater contamination cleaned up to residential standards will take longer than a site with minimal contamination that will be used for industrial purposes. Factors like time of year or unusually bad weather may also affect duration of cleanup.

Many brownfield sites are located in unattractive, economically depressed parts of a neighborhood. Cleanup and 重建 of these sites encourages higher property values and creates jobs, 除了创造一个更安全的, 更清洁的, 更健康的商业和住宅空间.

定义 & 首字母缩略词

棕色地带 -不动产, 正在使用的或空置的, 扩张, 重建, or reuse of which may be complicated by a previous use. 评估, mitigating (if necessary) and reinvesting in these properties protects the environment, 降低枯萎病, 也减轻了绿地的开发压力.

环境地盘评估(ESA) – A site evaluation or assessment conducted for purposes of determining the extent, 如果有任何, 对财产的污染. An assessment can be informal or formal, and can consist of several stages. 例如, a第一期ESA, 或对一个地点可能受到的污染进行基本研究, is limited to collecting information about past and present site use and inspecting present conditions. A Phase II ESA can follows up on a第一期ESA with sampling and analysis of suspected
被污染的区域. A Phase III assessment either follows up a Phase II assessment 1) by gathering information on the exact extent of the contamination or 2) by preparing plans and alternatives for site cleanup.

Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA or Superfund) – A 联邦 statute that 政府erns the investigation and cleanup of sites contaminated with hazardous substances. The law establishes a trust fund that can be used by the 政府ernment to clean up sites on the National Priorities List.